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Tom Boyd talks to Pattos about Mental Health

Key Notes

Andy Pereira:
Dear Tom,
On behalf of Pattersons we would like to thank you in sharing your story with all our team across Australia.

What you have endured over your journey is truly remarkable and your worldly experience in such a short time is extraordinary.

To talk about the highlights and unfortunately lowest points in your career touched every one of us.

As discussed you have already made a difference with several of our wonderful staff reaching out for help during the Pandemic.

Well described and articulated Tom and most importantly we can feel your absolute passion to bring mental health to the forefront.

Finally you have found your wings.

Tom Boyd:
2020 has been a remarkably challenging year for us as individuals, families, workplaces and the community more broadly. What’s abundantly clear is the importance of mental health in all facets of life, by sharing my story I hope to help people be more proactive in dealing with their mental health and wellbeing, to me more productive, more satisfied and ultimately happier.

For Enquiries about speaking at a virtual event in 2020 and into the new year my email is

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