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Experts in Public and Property Safety,

Providing Emergency Services

Pattersons Make-Safe services, specialise in providing 24/7 emergency services. When an event occurs, over the last 20 years we have built a dedicated Emergency team that can deliver a critical response for our specific clients. 

With a strong network of our skilled emergency contractors, we offer a comprehensive suite of solutions to make properties safe in hazardous conditions, construct new structures, restore damaged buildings, and carry out repairs. Our commitment to ensuring public and property safety sets us apart, making us the go-to choice for all your emergency service needs. 


Emergency Event


Quick response

Contact customer within two hours, triage make safe and allocate trades 24/7

Immediate action

Emergency make safe organised immediately and trades booked

B2B lodgement

B2B lodgement in geographic order capturing date and time

Estimator runs booked at time of lodgement ensuring stringent KPIs are delivered

Reports and quotes

Submission of reports and quotes monitored by head office and submitted within KPIs

Customer communication

Contact with the customer once we are authorised by the insurer and trades allocated

Repair life

Repair life is internally monitored

Sign off from customer

Sign off from customer when works are completed and final invoice submitted