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Lion heart camp for kids

Many bereaved families lose their community after the death of a loved one, often out of people feeling uncomfortable around grief. Families also feel lost as to how best to support their children through grief.

Our Lionheart community provides families with the opportunity to connect with others who really understand what it is like to experience grief. Our programs bring families with shared experiences together, creating a connected, compassionate and caring community where grief is seen as a natural, healthy and normal response to loss.

Lionheart Camp for Kids was born from the experiences of our Founder & CEO, Shelly Skinner, and her colleagues at Princess Margaret Hospital and Perth Children’s Hospital. These dedicated senior palliative care social workers identified that children who experience the death of a parent or a sibling, where the death is not caused by cancer, receive little to no support to help manage their grief.

Since 2015, Lionheart has been seeking to address this unmet need to ensure that all families in our community have the opportunity to receive the bereavement education and grief support they need.

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