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Bunbury Project

Job Details

Reference #: 211313

Project Manager: Glenn Tuffin

State: Western Australia

Total Approved Value: $2,000,000

Key Notes

  • One of the major components of this project are the roof tie-downs. As the tie-downs were virtually none existent and therefore non-compliant, Pattersons have had re-medial tie-downs designed, installed, and fully certified by engineers to all 21 units
  • All 21 units have been occupied during the entire project. This has brought added complexity, especially given the scale of works involved. Pattersons showed extra consideration keeping work area’s exceptionally clean, and safe at all times.
  • Perhaps the most disruptive part of the project is currently underway. The entire common driveway (850m2) has been removed to re-run a new water feed to all units and provide a suitable road base before re-paving. During these works residence are unable to access their garage. Parking permits have been supplied by Pattersons for locally street parking. Tight scheduling ensures residence are able to regain the use of the driveway in the shortest time possible.
  • Safety is also paramount during these works. Pattersons have provided designated work areas as well as safe access to the units for all residence.
  • The project was completed on budget and within the set time frame.
    Pattersons have exceeded expectations of the client, and received numerous overwhelming testimonies.


Date: 21 May 2016 at 12:02:18 AM AEST
To: Pattersons Insurerbuild
Subject: Clifton Rise, Bunbury

Hi Andy,

As the project at Clifton Rise is drawing to an end, it would be timely to extend to you a sincere THANK YOU.

Glen has made the journey over the last twelve months easy, I don’t think I can put into words my gratitude for having such a well-organized, professional and knowledgeable person at the coal face.

Some aspects of negotiating with owners (like me), tenants and the strata company must have been very difficult and Glen has pulled it all together in a timely manner with an amazing result.

Being that it is now around 10 years ago that we signed the original offer to purchase our unit off the plan – I think I can only justify that decision by using the quote “Sometimes the most important life lessons are the ones we end up learning the hard way.”

I do hope that I get to meet up with you sometime in the near future so that I can shake your hand and say “job well done”. I will half expect you to say “told you so”.

Yours sincerely, Jo-anne Goff

Neil and Jo-anne Goff

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