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Reliable Construction & Insurance Building:

Pattersons Insurerbuild

For 20+ years, Pattersons Insurerbuild has been a trusted leader in Australia’s construction and insurance building industry. With a focus on quality, safety, and innovation, we provide exceptional service and coverage. Discover our history and national presence.

ISO Standards &

Expert Tradespeople

We adhere to ISO 9001 and ISO 45001 standards, partnering with top tradespeople and maintaining the largest controlled contractor network. Explore opportunities with Pattersons Insurerbuild.

Cutting-Edge Technology,

Personalized Service

Our people and state-of-the-art operating system distinguishes us within the construction and insurance building industry. Though we leverage technology as a core strength, we also prioritise personal relationships, ensuring consistent, professional communication with all stakeholders for your peace of mind.

Wide Coverage,

Local Expertise

With offices and presence in every Australian state and territory, our professional staff and extensive local and national trade supplier networks enable us to respond to any situation, any time, and any location without sacrificing quality. Insurers and end clients can rely on the support of a well-established company with a deep understanding of local nuances. We are here to support you.

Strategic Growth &

Industry Collaboration

Our growth has been meticulously planned and supported by the insurance industry. We have conducted extensive feasibility studies and pursued a national strategy that has allowed us to research industry requirements, garner support from insurers and loss adjusters, bolster operational systems, and recruit top-tier staff and tradespeople.

Comprehensive Coverage &

Preferred Suppliers

Pattersons Insurerbuild provide national coverage, localised support, hand-selected staff, and a controlled network of preferred suppliers. Our efficient processes ensure timely and on-budget completion of building repairs.

All-in-One Solution &

Professional Team

Our divisions collaborate to address all insurance repair needs, major construction projects and facilities maintenance. Our teams cultivate lasting relationships with preferred suppliers.



Pattersons Insurerbuild is a family-owned, independent business that was founded in Victoria in October 1996. With over 25 years of experience, we have become a vital presence in the insurance industry. 

As the pioneer and longest-standing national building solution for insurers, Pattersons has successfully established, consolidated, and entrenched operations in every state. Our unique model combines local operations with national support, setting a benchmark for the industry. 

Starting with a single branch in Victoria, our company has grown organically to become one of the most reputable insurance builders serving both Australia and New Zealand. 

The vision to expand Pattersons Insurerbuild nationwide originated in 1999, leading to the development of our model. We opened a trial branch in Bendigo in 2000, followed by the Sydney branch in October of the same year. 

In subsequent years, Pattersons expanded its presence in other regions, including Queensland in March 2004, Western Australia in October 2006, South Australia in June 2008, New Zealand in April 2010, and the Australian Capital Territory in April 2016. 

Pattersons Insurerbuild:

A Respected Name with a Rich Heritage

Founded in Victoria in October 1996 as an independent, family-owned enterprise, Pattersons Insurerbuild has been an integral component of the insurance industry for over 20 years. Our company has organically evolved with a vision from a single branch in Victoria to pioneer to become the industry’s first national insurance builder. One of the most distinguished insurance builders in Australia.

  • 1991

    SJ Patterson Building services established  

  • 1996

    Pattersons Insurerbuild Pty Ltd founded in Melbourne VIC.

    Borrowed dads polaroid camera & introduced direct to insurer immediate on site photo and repair model to the insurance industry.  Revolutionised the industry drastically reducing repair life and claims cost.

  • 1998

    Pattersons Intranet launched – First ever industry platform created for clients to manage and track building repairs.

    Built the first industry portal for Insurance companies to log in and manage/monitor claims & repairs in real time with Pattersons.

  • 2000

    Bendigo regional VIC branch opened 

  • 2001

    Expanded to Sydney NSW 

  • 2004

    Brisbane, QLD opened

  • 2005

    Byron Bay NSW.
    First industry builder in Australia to provide insurers a 1 stop NSW, Vic, QLD building solution. Full Australian East coast coverage.

  • 2006 

    First branch in Western Australia opened

    Est. Cairns QLD 

    signed the industry’s first ever ‘National Building Contract‘

  • 2008

    Branches now operating in all states years ahead of the market

  • 2010

    Pattersons NZ. Opened Auckland NZ

  • 2011

    Opened Christchurch NZ-  Pattersons Earthquake Response

  • 2016

    ACT opened

  • 2023

    Northern Rivers NSW opened



Pattersons Insurerbuild is proud of the reputation we have earned for quality and professionalism in the building industry. Our values are essential to our continued success and development.


We respect our partnerships with insurers, tradespeople, suppliers and customers. We build lasting partnerships and cement stakeholders’ confidence in us. At Pattersons Insurerbuild, we only partner with people who we know will share our commitment to quality, fairness and the delivery of results.


We know that strong communication is the key to delivering results. We communicate regularly with insurers, loss adjusters, suppliers and home owners. We also offer a unique operating system that allows us and our suppliers to keep insurers and customers informed on claims processes and project status.


Our job is to support insurers by reducing the claim lifecycle and the cost of repairs, and to provide first-rate, timely insurance building repairs for customers. We will deliver on time and on budget every time and we will exceed the expectations of all stakeholders.


Our services are backed by our Quality Assurance program. We have adopted ISO standards 9001 for quality management and 4801 for safety management.

View the large list of our clients for evidence of our strong reputation and ability to perform based on our values.


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